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Mindscaping helps you to get what you want and overcome blocks!


Mindscaping is based on the concept that persons have an internal map for every topic or issue in order to navigate through life. For that reason, one needs to determine exactly what is the topic to work on, whether it’s confidence, public speaking, relationship, an upcoming presentation one needs to make - whatever. Mindscaping is similar to guided visualization or imagery as is sometimes used in Mindfulness routines. Mindscaping uses the client’s unconscious mind in a complex landscape of metaphors and symbols of internal architecture to change these for altering the experience of the topic. Issues with confidence, phobias, annoying habits, public speaking, relationships, an upcoming presentation? Mindscaping resolves!

The procedure is: One goes into light trance and imagines a map of a town below the chair one is sitting. The map spreads out in each direction, becomes 3 dimensional with all the features that are there - some natural and some man-made, and one is landscaping, this means changing things, objects for one's own purpose, to enable moving into the future and for comfort. The protocol instructs the person’s unconscious mind to communicate and the metaphors will unlock the situation. This changes the internal representation of the topic one works on considerably and lets the person have a much better feeling for it.

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